Grind Out Hunger gets a NEXTie award!

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I have faith in the world again. Last night I was awarded a NEXTie award with three other amazing people Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Reyna Ruiz and Marina Sousa held at the old Wrigleys Gum Factory…yes they use to make gum in Santa Cruz. My wife and I arrived to find the venue artfully decorated and definitely…

Grind Out Hunger gets a NEXTie and cover of Good Times!

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In the first awards ceremony of its kind, Santa Cruz Next honors Danny Keith, Marina Sousa, Reyna Ruiz and Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz  for their standout creative efforts. Somebody once said, “What you focus on grows,” to which I immediately wondered: “Well, what am I focusing on … internally … and how is that growing—manifesting—on the outside?”…

Santa Cruz NEXT’s Four Under 40 – Santa Cruz News

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Santa Cruz NEXT’s Four Under 40 – Santa Cruz News Reyna Ruiz managed to keep the Beach Flats Community Center open against all odds. Photo by Curtis Cartier. Right in the thick of award season, Santa Cruz NEXT is slowing down to appreciate Santa Cruz now, at least insofar as honoring current members who’ve done…