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Boys & Girls Club of Santa CruzGrind Out Hunger Teen Members Can Attend Boys & Girls Club Teen Summer Program for Free

We’re excited to partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz this summer! This allows our age 12 and over members to participate in any of the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz Summer Teen Program for free! Here’s a schedule of their activities this year. Please note that the activities marked with an * is a field trip that will have an extra cost associated with it.

To learn more about the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz and all of their offerings, visit their website at

1st Week of Summer

6/16- Dinner and a Movie
6/17- 70’s Party + Tie Dye
6/18- Farmer’s Market
6/19- Free Olympics
6/20- MAH

2nd Week of Summer

6/23- Photohunt
6/24- Teen Night @ Downtown Club (6pm-9pm)
6/25- Cultural Food
6/26- Boardgame Tournament
6/27- Petroglyph*

3rd Week of Summer

6/30- Human Battleship
7/1- Ropes Course*
7/2- Farmer’s Market
7/3- Healthy Cooking

4th Week of Summer

7/7- Scavenger Hunt
7/8- YouTube Challenges
7/9- Jaws+ Swimming
7/10- Pizza Making
7/11- Dodgeball and Beach

5th Week of Summer

7/14- Regal Movies
7/15- Raging Waters*
7/16- Farmer’s Market
7/17- Throwback Thursday
7/18- 80’s Party

6th Week of Summer

7/21- 1920’s Party
7/22- Teen Night @ Boardwalk*
7/23- Smores and Campout
7/24- Coffee Bar & Open Mic
7/25- Christmas in July

7th Week of Summer

7/28- BBQ
7/29- Greaser Day
7/30- Farmer’s Market
7/31- Burgers and Bowling
8/1- 1st Friday

8th Week of Summer

8/4- Water Balloons VS Water Gun Fight
8/5- Mini Golf & Arcade*
8/6- Music Video
8/7- Horror Fest
8/8- Jeopardy

9th Week of Summer

8/11- Frock Swap
8/12- Summer Obstacle Course
8/13- Farmer’s Market
8/14- Smoothies
8/15- Bonfire at Seabright Beach

10th Week of Summer

8/18- Casino
8/19- Disney Day
8/20- Winchester Mystery House*
8/21- Party
8/22- Boardwalk*

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