2014 Mavericks Invitational Viewing Festival Recap

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1 Insane Surfing Hunger Fighter, 5 Guys, a Lady, a Turtle, and 48 Crazy Hours in Half Moon Bay

Grind Out Hunger | Mavericks Viewing Festival 2014

Just like for the surfers in the competition, there are never many hours to prep to be a part of the Mavericks Invitational Viewing Festival in Half Moon Bay. That said, how can you say no when you’re invited to participate? You can’t. So when we got the call late on Wednesday that the organizers wanted Grind Out Hunger to be there and to put together a skate park for the festival, we rallied and said yes.

We headed up Thursday to start piecing together what we would need for ramps. The Boys & Girls Club of Half Moon Bay was kind enough to let us recreate their skate setup using their ramps so the boys hauled them over to the Oceano Hotel & Spa parking lot and set up shop for the big viewing festival.
Zane Keith Skating with the Santa Cruz Warriors Flagmav-buell


Friday was a FULL day of nonstop good times. The Viewing Festival was full of great people and killer food. We watched and cheered as one of our newest Hunger Fighter athletes, Nic Lamb surfed some of the biggest waves we’ve ever seen at Mavericks. Plus, we talked to hundreds of people about Grind Out Hunger, watched dozens of kids skate, and handed out Santa Cruz Warriors swag to the crowd. We also had a special visit from Santa Cruz Warriors Mascot Mav’Riks who showed up to spread some Santa Cruz Warriors love at the event where he got his name.

Congrats to Nic Lamb on an epic battle out there! Big thanks to Seth Delorey of MSI for inviting us to be a part of this big day. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with us, buy some merch, and support the cause.

Photos courtesy of Tim Cattera Photography.


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