Back From Camp, Back To Reality

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Hey everyone, Marissa here!

It’s so weird to be back down here in Santa Cruz reality! The little town of Government Camp, Oregon is a pretty crazy place in the Summer if your a High Cascade Camper. After 2 weeks of non-stop shred and adventure, im back in SC to continue my “student” life and weekend shred warrio
r. While away, I met some EPIC people! I met Tinkerbell from Disneyland, turns out…she’s a sno
wboarder! So rad! A girl I roomed with was from Germany….and she now is back in Germany WITH A GRIND OUT HUNGER SHIRT! Yay for international awareness! I also met a Brittish dude named Tom. Tom was legit! Speaking of where I roomed, I had to climb 6 flights of steps each day before and after snowboarding. Such good exercise! Ha! 🙂 I had the sickest counselors in the world, Libby and Jenna. They were so rad to live with and made the walk up those wretched steps worth it, especially when Jenna would tell us the “manimal” stories.

Marissa, Meagan, and Kayla wearing GOH hoodies.

My friends Meagan and Kayla have always been so supportive of me, from learning Backflips to Grind Out Hunger…so they both rocked the GOH snow logo hoodie on hill 🙂 we were triplitting out! My little hunger fighter militia 😉 It was great to spread the word, and I guarantee you all, there’s about 12 states out there with people rocking a pink GOH wristband. REPRESENT!

It was sick to kick it with my close homies for two weeks, riding all day and coming back and getting a Cobra Dog. Dont know what that is? LOOK IT UP….IT’S LIFE CHANGING!! Shout out to Matty Mo and Cobra Dog Cory! I also got to shred with Hanah Beaman and Robin Van Gyn…! Pro boarder JP Walker was also fun to hang a bit with, he asked about Grind Out Hunger, so now he is well informed.

Marissa Hushaw with pro snowboarder, JP Walker.

This year I learned a TON of new tricks from my epic coach Terri. aka Terri Dactyl. I learned how to backflip! I didnt get to try them out on snow, but maybe on a powder day this season i’ll test em out 😉 The best thing about doing my first backflip, was that the song I was listening to was Dormitory by none other than our own Hunger Fighter, Tess Dunn!

Marissa Hushaw with pro snowboarder Hana Beaman and lifty, Kai.





Every year my little High  Cascade Family grows closer and closer…this year when it was departure day, my friend Meagan and I just let the water works flow. It was so depressing to say goodbye, but thankfully we will all be shredding again this winter.

That about sums up my epic journey shredding out Summer! Thanks everyone for supporting me and helping me hit my Summer Grind Out Hunger goal.
Thank you from Santa Cruz, to China Peak!

<3 I love you all <3 Miss you

HCSC group photo with EPI Coach, Terri aka Terri Dactyl.

Special shout out to my friends:

Meagan, Kayla, Connor, Alex, Tom, Patty, Matt, Kristen, Larkin, Collin, Seth, and the famous Ali 🙂

Please check back for my up coming events at China Peak Ski Resort. Rad times ahead with support coming on board from China Peak, Electric, Local Style, Roxy, DC, GIRO and Santa Cruz Snowboards.

Photo Credit: Ringwall

Photo Credit: Ringwall

Photo Credit: Ringwall

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