Suicidal Tendencies and S.T. TATTOO Raise over 4,000 Meals with Grind Out Hunger

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Suicidal Tendencies hands down immortalizes punk rock. So when Grind Out Hunger had the chance to partner up on a benefit show we jumped at the opportunity.

Grind Out Hunger Merch table at Suicidal Tendencies show

Jason “Clown” Brown, graphic artist/tattoo artist for Suicidal Tendencies and owner of ST Tattoo, knew that Suicidal Tendencies was going to kick off their tour in Santa Cruz on May 31st to play The Catalyst.

Suicidal Tendencies at The Catalyst

Jason wanted to find a way to implement Grind Out Hunger and had an idea; give away a prize bundle that would include $500 worth of tattoo time, a custom painted skate deck, a meet and greet with Suicidal Tendencies, Grind Out Hunger gear and 2 tickets to the Avalon Show in San Jose. For every $5 donation an individual gave to Grind Out Hunger we would put their name into a hat to have the opportunity to win the bundle. Brittany Stolting was the winner. Congrats Brittany! We hope you had a good time and thanks to everyone for their donations!

The day of the show local paper The Good Times published a piece on the relationship between Grind Out Hunger, ST Tattoo and Suicidal Tendencies. Below is the article image.

The Good Times article on Suicidal Tendencies, Grind Out Hunger and ST Tattoo

The show on Thursday at The Catalyst was packed with punk rock aficionados ready to mosh to The Chop Tops, Stop Breathing and Strife, who started off the night with awesome performances. Special Thanks to Eddie Numbskull and Numbskull Productions.

Suicidal Tendencies flyer for Santa Cruz Show

Suicidal Tendencies jumped on stage a little late (Mike Clark slipped, cracked his head, and ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance), and in short order electrified the capacity crowd at The Catalyst. The pit was one of the largest ones we have seen in a while at a punk show (Seven Adams you were in animal mode and Zane Keith jumped in there courtesy of Jeremy Glum). When Suicidal Tendencies played Possessed to Skate and Freedom you could have powered all of Santa Cruz with the energy in the room.

Suicidal Tendencies plays to a full crowd at The Catalyst.

Jason “Clown” Brown got up on stage and gave a shout out to Grind Out Hunger as he showed off the one of a kind, hand drawn, Suicidal Tendencies/Grind Out Hunger/ST Tattoo branded old school skateboard deck which was part of the giveaway (look on the pocket of the suicidal punk…see the fork crossing a skate deck?). The prize bundle consisted of the custom hand drawn skateboard deck, 2 tickets to Santa Cruz Show with meet and greet, 2 tickets to Avalon Show, $500 worth of Tattoos from ST Tattoo and Grind Out Hunger merchandise.

ST Tattoo owner, Jason "Clown" Brown, on stage showing the custom painted skate deck won by Brittany Stolting.

ST Tattoo owner Jason "Clown" Brown, Suicidal Tendencies Lead Singer Mike Muir, Grind Out Hunger founder, Danny Keith

After the show, Grind Out Hunger Skater, Zane Keith, Jason “Clown” Brown from ST Tattoo, along with Suicidal Tendencies front man Mike Muir and Danny Keith, founder of Grind Out Hunger got together to take a couple of photo’s of Mike Muir wearing the Grind Out Hunger Music Logo tee.

Grind Out Hunger Founder, Danny Keith and his son Zane Keith with Mike Muir, Lead Singer/Founder of Suicidal Tendencies

Members of Suicidal Tendencies all signed the deck (look at the slideshow below to see other members autographing the skate deck).

Steve Bruner of Suicidal Tendencies autographing Grind Out Hunger skate deck

Everything wrapped up insane with Grind Out Hunger being able to continue reaching out to the counter culture community. Suicidal Tendencies and ST Tattoo managed to help collect 4000 meals while also stoking out super fan Brittany Stolting. Overall it was a great night, thank you to everyone involved.

Extra Special thanks to Jason “Clown” Brown of ST Tattoo, Suicidal Tendencies, Eddie Numbskull and Regina Rodriguez for helping pull it all together and managing a bunch of punk rockers!

Special thanks to Cameron Luther for working the Grind Out Hunger merchandise booth all night, Greg Archer of The Good Times, Gary Tighe and The Catalyst!

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