Specialized Helicopters, Fighting Hunger From the Skies

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Specialized Helicopters Hangar.

Specialized Helicopters, the newest addition to the Grind Out Hunger sponsors…

About a week ago Danny Keith put the word out on his Facebook profile that he was wanting a helicopter for Grind Out Hunger. Why we need a helicopter? Time will tell…but that didn’t stop him from finding a partner to team up with the cause.

On Friday we cruised over to Specialized Helicopters in Watsonville and met up with Chief Pilot, Chris Gularte, sat down and talked for quite some time about the mission of Grind Out Hunger and how the partnership with Specialized Helicopter would look.

Danny explained to Chris that 1:4 Kids are going hungry in Santa Cruz and that Second Harvest Food Bank serves 55,000 people a month in Santa Cruz County alone. Chis dropped his pen the moment that he heard these numbers. He couldn’t understand how in Santa Cruz County, one of the most agriculturally rich locations (7th largest Ag industry in the world), people could be going food insecure. He knew right from that minute that he had to back the Grind Out Hunger program.

The conversation continued over lunch and when we came back to his office we went up in a helicopter to take a quick tour of Elkhorn Slough and the Santa Cruz coast line. Hovering over the bay, the experience was almost surreal. Grind Out Hunger going airborne…

We worked out a deal with Chris where 15% of each helicopter tour fee will be donated to Grind Out Hunger.

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This shows you that any type of business can be part of the war against hunger. We all need to come together, individuals, and businesses, to combine our strengths and talents to eradicate childhood hunger. It will take an army, and that army is building.

Chris Gularte. Chief Pilot. Specialized Helicopters. Hunger Fighter.

Specialized Helicopters

Chris Gularte showing Danny Keith into the helicopter

Inside the heli before takeoff.

Grind Out Hunger founder Danny Keith

Santa Cruz Coast

Danny Keith looking over the ocean off the Santa Cruz Coast.

Santa Cruz Coast

Second Harvest Food Bank from above....

Watsonville Airport

Specialized Helicopters Chris Gularte and Grind Out Hunger founder Danny Keith

Shawn Hatjes and Danny Keith at Specialized Helicopters...

About the New Hunger Fighter Specialized Helicopters

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