Rad Wednesday and A Visit From China Peak

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Ok lets start this blog post off right…Why was Wednesday Rad you ask?

Yeah, that means 6,000 pounds of food. 8,000 meals.
Thank you to all of the people that have supported her and donated to her campaign.

Sooooo much happened yesterday. We finalized the “Marissa Hushaw Grind Out Hunger Rail Jam” poster. Its already started floating around the web. Another blog will be posted with more detail about that event soon.
GOH team and Marissa met up to hang out and so Marissa could pick up a stack of posters to put around town and up at China Peak Mountain Resort. Marissa kindly signed a few of the posters, one of which is now framed and in the current GOH HQ office. Thanks, Marissa!

We also had a great surprise last night, Trey Lull, repair technician at China Peak along with Brittany Kitchen, snowboard instructor and competitor drove to Santa Cruz to pay us a visit.
Trey Lull….this guy is da man! He and his crew donate a portion of their tips from their work to Marissa’s Campaign. They have donated hundreds of pounds of food already through monetary donations.  We met up at Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop, chatted for a big then took a walk down to Pleasure point to check out the sunset and the surf.

Oh and we forgot to mention that the BodyGlove Surf Team decided to stop by Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop last night. China Peak + Marissa Hushaw + Pro Surfers + Grind Out Hunger + Santa Cruz = an amazing evening.

Thanks again for everyone’s support!
Hunger Fighter Army Unite!

Check some pics…

Marissa and a framed, signed Rail Jam Poster.

Meet Marissa Hushaw, Hunger Fighter... haha!

Sunset. Pleasure Point.

Marissa Hushaw. Shawn Hatjes. Trey Lull. Brittany Kitchen.

Marissa outside the official BodyGlove Surf Team tour bus. Yup.

Marissa at Pleasure Pizza. She was thirsty.

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