Grind Out Hunger visits GOOGLE Headquarters!

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We got a call on Wednesday from our good friend, Jason Strubing, owner of SkateWorks asking us if we wanted to do a Skate Jam/demo with him at Google headquarters that Friday. Hmmmm…2 days to get a Skate Jam together? For Grind Out Hunger? And Google!? …BRING IT ON.

We called up a couple of skaters to cruise with us to Google. Santa Cruz Skate Shop team riders, Zane and Marley came along with us representing Grind Out Hunger. We left Santa Cruz at around 8am. Arrived at Google around 9:30, clear skies, perfect weather conditions. It took us a few tries to figure out where we were supposed to go. The Google campus is giant! When we got to our destination we jumped out of the car and went on a hunt to find Google’s indoor half pipe that they had built for their employees. We found it, signed some waivers, and got to skating.


At about 10:15 our Ttruck full of Grind Out Hunger skate ramps showed up! We got down to business and unloaded all of the ramps by 11am, when the event was officially supposed to begin. As we were setting up skating legend, Steve Caballero arrived. Skating opened up to the Google Faculty as well as skaters from Skate Works and our two riders once we were finished setting up the ramps. At around 12:30 Steve Caballero jumped in and skated for a while.

Throughout the event Steve Caballero was signing posters at a table right next to our Grind Out Hunger Table. While people were waiting in line to talk to Steve Cab we informed them about Grind Out Hunger and what it is that we are trying to accomplish. Many of the Google employees were thrilled and donated to the cause. Some bought hats, skate decks, and more…

Overall it was a great event. The Grind Out Hunger team had a BLAST. We were able to provide a fun skate set up for Google as well as get the word out about Grind Out Hunger. About 500 people showed up, skated, ate lunch, and  hung out. We ended up raising about 600 pounds through donations.
We are hoping to have the opportunity to do this for them again…

Who knows whats in store for us next… APPLE? 😉

Enjoy a few photos! Check out more photos on the Grind Out Hunger Facebook Page!


Steve Caballero signing a Grind Out Hunger Deck.


Zane Keith riding Grind Out Hunger

Steve Caballero Grinding Out Hunger

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