Marissa Hushaw – Hunger Fighter

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 When Marissa Hushaw came into the Grind Out Hunger Headquarters last Thursday she had no idea what she was getting herself into. We informed her that we were filming a video featuring her representing Grind Out Hunger, but she wasn’t sure what the setup was going to be like, or what we were asking her to do. When she got here we gave her a tour of the Food Bank so she could see the facility and what she is working so hard for. After the tour she was fried up and ready to get to filming. She now had a clear idea of what she is supporting and wanted to get that message out to her peers throughout Santa Cruz County.

We took her into our small conference room, which we cleared and turned into a filming studio just hours before. Lights, camera, action…we sat her down in a chair and flipped the camera on.

“Are we recording?” she asked.
“Yup.”, we responded.
“But what am i supposed to say?”

She started talking freely about Grind Out Hunger and how she is stoked on helping feed kids in Santa Cruz County and beyond….we shot about 45 minutes of video and edited it down to a 30 second clip.

After recording we hung out and shot some photos. There were definitely many laughs. Working with Marissa and having her on our team is truly a blessing.
(To see more shots from the photo shoot check out the Grind Out Hunger Facebook Page )

Marissa Hushaw is a Hunger Fighter…ARE YOU?

Check out Marissa’s video clip below and to see videos of more community Hunger Fighters please visit: TheFoodBank.Org/ThankYou 

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