Grind Out Hunger surpasses goal hits 278,616 pounds

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Its amazing what the youth can do when empowered. What started out 7 years ago as a way to teach kids altruism and compassion for their community has turned into a full blown spectacle. The goal for 2010 Grind Out Hunger campaign in Santa Cruz County was 250,000 pounds almost double 2009’s raise of 130,000 pounds.

This year was a bit different, Grind Out Hunger added a new partner with Skateworks Skateshop

Bill Strubing of Skateworks Skateshop

to combine forces with Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop, Jimbo Phillips Graphix and 102.5 KDON.  2010 for Grind Out Hunger was by far the craziest it has ever been, with the need to feed kids up more than ever and the students buckling down and getting serious about rising to the challenge.

St Francis came and helped at Santa Cruz County Fair

It all started with the Santa Cruz County Fair and education days collecting over 3000 pounds, great start to a busy year.

Then the speaking tour began, St Francis High, Aptos Jr. High, Cabrillo College, Gateway Elementary, Happy Valley Elementary, Lakeview Middle School, Santa Cruz High, Salesian Elementary and the list goes on.

3D Constructions Dominic Cusimano is a madman!

3D Constructions Dominic Cusimano and Jesse Gullings Painting spent over a month building ramps at Second Harvest Food Bank  so that Grind Out Hunger could do the 1st Annual Skateathon sponsored by Rotary Interact at Twin Lakes Church raking in over 13,000 pounds of food and giving away a 1999 Red Mustang (WHAT!).

1st Annual Skateathon at Twin Lakes Church raised 13,000 pounds of food

That led to Whole Foods Market Santa Cruz stepping up and throwing down the 1st annual SkateJam presented by Whole Foods Market Santa Cruz and Rotary Interact (see the theme here?) both of these events were peppered by rain but it did not deter the kids from coming out and skating while donating food to a great cause.

Whole Foods Market Santa Cruz and The Skate Jam

It seemed that the kids were on a roll, school after school was smashing their previous years raise and setting new standards, gauntlets were being thrown down and some claims of who was beating who at what were circulating around feverishly as no one wanted to be left behind on this one.  With $1800 in gift certificates up for grabs from Skateworks Skateshop and Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop, here are your 2010 Grind Out Hunger Champions!

The 2010 Grind Out Hunger Heavy Weight Champion was Monterey Coast Preparatory, Sinda Merritt and her students really set the bar raising over 21,000 pounds of food!! This amazing group of angels were relentless in their pursuit of raising food for kids putting the goal well ahead of themselves. Over the last three years with Grind Out Hunger, Sinda and crew have pulled in just under 40,000 pounds of food…not bad for 25 kids (do the math thats 1600 pounds per student!) Monterey Coast Prep takes home $600 in gift certificates to Skateworks Skateshop and Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop.

These kids got creative capping off their drive with "FREE" gift wrapping that raised thousands of dollars!

St Francis Central Coast Catholic High School, John Marheineke and the students invited Grind Out Hunger to come speak at their campus. Just over 200 kids attend the school and had barely participated in the food drive in years past. This was the 1st stop for 2010 Grind Out Hunger, you could feel the energy from the kids and they were pumped up. When asked what their goal was,  the students blurted out “8000 POUNDS”…later when speaking with John he was obviously worried, “How in the world are we going to do that??”.  In reality it didn’t matter if they did, the fact was they had a goal, were focused and no matter what they would give it 100%.  Grind Out Hunger is proud to say that the students and staff  not only hit the 8000 pounds they passed it. Congrats on the 10,001 pounds!!!!! St Francis Central Coast Catholic High School skates away with $600 in gift certificates to Skateworks Skateshop and Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop.

St Francis Central Coast Catholic High School sold 10 Grind Out Hunger skate decks totaling 3000 pounds!

Aptos Jr. High was a veteran of 2009 Grind Out Hunger and they lost no time is establishing that 2010 was going to be a record breaker.  Brian Saxton and his students proceeded to make challenges, prizes and selling hot cocoa…whatever it took to hit 10,000 pounds. Well…Aptos Jr. High not only did that they went to a whopping 11,662 pounds. Aptos Jr. High pulls a repeat and wheels away $300 in gift certificates to Skateworks Skateshop and Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop.

Aptos Jr. High presents a check to Grind Out Hunger for $3500 or 10,500 pounds!

Gateway Elementary is also no stranger to the Grind Out Hunger challenge. The staff and students here always get creative and focus on the end goal of feeding kids. The presentation at Gateway is always fun as the kids are so inquisitive about how the food gets distributed, what kind of food can they bring in and how much more the dollar actually allows the purchase of healthy nutritious food. Thank goodness this is our future at work, its apparent that if we continue to provide altruistic ways for the youth of today to participate, society will become a better place. Gateway Elementary dropped 6,545 pounds into the barrels and captured 1st place for Elementary schools. Gateway Elementary slashes its way to $300 in gift certificates to Skateworks Skateshop and Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop.

Gateway students are always excited when Grind Out Hunger starts up!

At the end of it all, the youth in all their amazingness (is that a word?) managed to roll right by the 250,000 pound number, sliding in at a cool 278,616 pounds setting a new record and firmly placing the youth of Santa Cruz County as the 3rd largest contributor to the Second Harvest Holiday Food Drive 2.1 million pound goal. It is impressive the direction that Grind Out Hunger is going and there is some amazing news on the horizon for this kid powered charity so stay tuned! Below is a list of the winners of the 2010 Grind Out Hunger Challenge with a full list of schools…is your school involved? If not email HERE and get involved.

Award Division Pounds of food raised School Name
Heavy Weight Winner 21,001 Monterey Coast Preparatory
High School Winner 10,281 St. Francis Central Coast Catholic High
Jr. High School Winner 11,662 Aptos Junior High School
Elementary School Winner 6,545 Gateway Elementary School

Here is a total showing of all 2010 Grind Out Hunger schools, the 1st line is a total of all events like skate jams, online cash donations and anonymous donors. This year was a 1st for the colleges UCSC and Cabrillo College to participate in Grind Out Hunger. Both of these campuses are like small cities with over 40,000 students and staff between them its obvious that the partnership with higher education has some incredible possibilities!

Pounds of food raised School Name
99,774 Grind Out Hunger events (skatejams etc)
47,027 UCSC students
21,001 Monterey Coast Preparatory
11,662 Aptos Junior High School
10,281 St. Francis Central Coast Catholic High
6,545 Gateway School
6,127 Cabrillo College – Aptos Campus
6,027 Monte Vista Christian Middle School
5,683 Shoreline Middle School
5,069 Salesian Elementary & Junior High
4,960 Monterey Bay Academy
4,731 Rio Del Mar Elementary School
4,592 Aptos High School
3,245 Watsonville High School
3,168 La Selva Beach Community School
2,830 Soquel High School
2,487 Mission Hill Middle School
2,356 Brook Knoll Elementary School
1,821 H.A. Hyde Elementary
1,585 Landmark Elementary
1,560 Valencia Elementary School
1,532 Lakeview Middle School
1,512 Santa Cruz High School
1,320 Ceiba Charter School
1,181 Soquel Elementary School
1,156 Pajaro Middle School
1,112 Alianza Charter School
1,056 De Laveaga Elementary School
1,029 Santa Cruz Montessori School
1,019 Westlake Elementary School
1,010 Bradley Elementary
892 Radcliff Elementary School
803 Moreland Notre Dame School
791 Bayview Elementary
777 Pajaro Valley High School
753 Gault Elementary School
743 Main Street Elementary
705 Monte Vista Christian High School
672 Green Acres Elementary School
610 Harbor High School
582 Happy Valley Elementary School
561 Linscott Charter School
541 Del Mar Elementary
530 Live Oak Elementary School
503 Spring Hill Advanced Elementary School of Santa Cruz
490 Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School
485 Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary School
436 Aptos Academy (Elem)
416 Mt. Madonna School (Elem)
398 Green Valley Christian School
333 Mar Vista Elementary
261 Pacific Coast Charter School
250 Pacific Elementary School
229 New Brighton Middle School
221 Mountain Elementary School
197 Montessori Scotts Valley Preschool
181 Cabrillo College – Watsonville Campus
154 Neighorhood Childcare Center
140 Learning Ways Christian Preschool / Congregational Church of Soquel
131 Ocean Alternative Education Center
93 The Bay School
88 Santa Cruz Waldorf School
78 UCSC – BSU (Black Students United)
68 E.A. Hall Middle School
30 Head Start
28 Happy Days Children’s Learning Center
278,616 Total Pounds Raised 2010 Grind Out Hunger

There are also some honorable mentions of schools that made this their 1st year with Grind Out Hunger. Watch out for these schools next year!

Pounds of food raised School Name
4,731 Rio Del Mar Elementary School
3,245 Watsonville High School
2,830 Soquel High School
1,532 Lakeview Middle School
1,512 Santa Cruz High School
1,320 Ceiba Charter School

Enjoy the 2010 Grind Out Hunger Scrapbook!

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