Monterey Bay Academy 25 barrels of food in one day!

by admin

I was invited by Bryan del Valle to come out and speak at the Monterey Bay Academy on their Saturday service, obviously whenever I get a chance to speak to a large group of people about Grind Out Hunger you don’t have to ask twice. I arrived and it was a beautiful day on campus…I rolled up and saw 25 Grind Out Hunger barrels all lined up and ready to go. First thought, these guys have set a big goal. I mean I have seen most high schools not even fill 25 barrels, let alone in ONE AFTERNOON!! Brian greeted me with a big smile, a warm handshake and innumerable thank yous. Bryan mentioned before we started that he had issued a challenge to the kids, that if they filled 25 barrels he would shave his head!!! We entered the gorgeous room that was PACKED with kids from 10 different schools in town for a friendly flag football game. Bryan, myself and a few of the leaders huddled in a quick prayer and then it was game on. As we sat excitedly in the front row, I was anxious to get up and speak about Grind Out Hunger. The time came and Bryan interviewed me about why I formed GOH and what it means to me.  When I left the grounds, something inside told me these people were serious about helping Grind Out Hunger. What a way to kick off the Holiday Food Drive!!! Take a look at the pics below as they speak for themselves.

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